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HCG is the fastest Way to Reach Your Body Goals

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Welcome to the Clean Start Weight Loss Academy 

Success begins today with this 26 day Hcg Diet....

Losing Weight With Help

At Skandii MedSpa in Mansfield, Texas, we understand that weight loss can be difficult to perform on your own. Motivation and self-discipline are the two key parts of any weight loss program. The Clean Start Weight Loss Academy can help supervise you on this fast track weight loss program. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Physician Supervision

With our medically supervised weight loss program, our physician will complete a medical history and review your annual lab testing from your primary care doctor to ensure the Clean Start Weight Loss program will work for you! 

Comprehensive Support

Not only will you have weekly biometric analysis and infrared sauna sessions, you will receive a comprehensive support package that includes: Guidebook, Food Journal, Tip Sheets, and a Cookbook with over 50 recipes! Clean Start weight Loss has an entire website dedicated to educating you on this program, follow that link and the one to Dr. Simeons original paper on the topic! In addition, Self-hypnosis tracks to reprogram your thoughts about food and your body image are available by following the video links below.

Proven Success

Over 80,000 people have successfully lost weight on our nationally utilized medically-supervised weight loss program.

Medically Based

Our weight loss program requires a physician’s supervision to ensure you quickly and safely lose weight (typically 10-15 pounds in 26 days). Questions you may have along the way can be directed both to our weight loss coordinator and our physician.

Dr. Toker explains the hCG diet:

Every journey starts with one first step

The more you know, the better your results will be. 

Follow these links for more education on the diet created by Dr. ATW Simeons and our corporate partner.

Dr. Simeons original paper

Clean Start Weightloss

HCG phase self hypnosis (by hypnosisdownloads.com)

Maintenance Phase self-hypnosis (by hypnosisdownloads.com)

Standard Process Products help our diet program get started!

If you have decided to pursue a gut reboot program- go to www.standardprocess.com follow the Patient Direct link and enter the physician code (call office for the code) You will have to apply for an account that I will approve. Once approved, please order the GI flora balance program. There is a program handout that will explain the supplements and steps involved. 

Standard Process now has a microbiome test kit which can help guide you towards other prebiotics, probiotics and supplements to promote a more normal gut microbiome. This test can be ordered by you- will be mailed to you. Register the kit, follow the instructions to both send in the specimen and link results to Dr. Anna Toker (Skandii MedSpa) so that I can help interpret the results as they are published.

Sign up at www.standardprocess.com for a patient direct account today for direct delivery!

Code: 8SYH34 (all accounts require approval)

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