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Hydrate Your Skin the Right Way with Intraceutical's Oxygen Facial

Facial services currently not available. Stay tuned.....

Thank you for your interest in the Skandii MedSpa in Mansfield, Texas. For inquiries and concerns about our medical spa and our various aesthetic. treatments.


The Difference

The key difference between an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial and a typical facial is that the oxygen facial utilizes ingredients with its hydration. You can have them added into the layers as you see fit. Collagen can be added, vitamin A or C, and even antioxidants can all be added to your hyaluronic layers to give you ultimately hydrated skin.

Oxygen Facial and Custom Facials 

At the Skandii MedSpa in Mansfield, Texas, we want to make sure that all of our clients get top-notch results with every procedure. This is why we follow the recommended three steps for an Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial procedure.

The first is a reviving system. This uses a low-weight hyaluronic that works to increase and restore your skin’s volume. In so doing, it reduces the number of wrinkles that you have and can make the contours of your face pop.

After this, the second step is known as the replenishing system. During this step, a medium-weight hyaluronic is swept over your skin to blasts hydration deep into your skin. This can remove imperfections and reduce fine lines.

The final step is considered the protection system. A heavy-weight hyaluronic is carefully rubbed over your skin by placing a breathable and protective barrier over your skin. This makes your skin look vibrant, bright, and rehydrated.

About Jelly Masks and Traditional Facials

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