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Experts in Skin Care and Physical Wellness

Thank you for your interest in the Skandii MedSpa in Mansfield, Texas. For inquiries and concerns about our medical spa and our various aesthetic treatments.


About Our Medical Spa

Skandii MedSpa in Mansfield, Texas is committed to improving your personal health and wellness. It is no coincidence that people who feel good about themselves also tend to look amazing and have confidence. This just shows that taking care of your overall health and appearance is imperative for a happier and more fulfilling life.

We believe that every individual has a natural beauty and dignity that should not be caked on, baked on, or faked on, by other people—and most especially not by you. Let our medical director design a personalized nutrition and skin care program that can enhance your inherent beauty from inside and out. All members of our staff are dedicated to helping clients address their beauty and wellness needs.

While we promote the use of natural methods for enhancing one’s beauty, we do understand that some approaches require medical solutions. In this regard, our medical director and the rest of the team is more than willing to help you.


Nicole McLerran. Certified Esthitician


Privacy Policy

Your beauty secrets are safe with us and so is your personal data. We use email information only to distribute our Newsletter and upcoming events that we think you might have interest in. You can unsubscribe from our emails at any time.

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We want you to be the best version of you that you can be, not some fake replication of a fashion fad! Our practitioners and esthiticians are personable, welcoming, and understand genuine beauty. We give honest opinions at all price points of our offerings and want you to be satisfied. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation in any of our three treatment Suites (Facial, Body, or Injections)

Meet Our Team

Nicole Mclerran

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